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Mouse/Cat Cheese Knife
Mouse/Cat Cheese Knife

Sala Essentials

Mouse/Cat Cheese Knife


High quality 18/8 stainless steel, hand forged

unique design

suitable for dishwasher

Makes a great addition to every cheeseboard and is ideal for soft and hard cheese and a perfect gift for cheese lovers ( you might add a nice wooden cheeseboard and wrap it...)

length is app. 8 inch (ca. 21 cm)


SALA hand forged stainless steel products origin from an old traditional Thai Craft heritage, which was used in the production of weapons for the royal armies of Siam. Today this handicraft is mainly used in the production of tableware and cutlery. Skillful craftsmen – ancestors of the smiths from the Ayutthaya period - using traditional hammering methods to make all products. Buying these products will help to keep alive Thailand’s traditional craft heritage. All products are of high-grade 18/8 quality stainless steel with a polished and hand hammered surface.