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Lacquered Lapis Tiffin Carrier-Yellow Phoenix

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Lacquered Lapis Tiffin Carrier-Yellow Phoenix

SGD $178.00

Our inspiration of this “Lapis” series comes from our well-loved 9-layer nyonya cake, a local fare in the gastronomy of Singapore food. This high quality hand-made lacquered Tiffin Carrier with lid design that featuring local artist Paul Koh’s artwork, colourful container and a double fish ornament that brings good fortune of abundance. It is ideal for putting snacks and sweets to serve your guests and will be a great gift for housewarming or pop some colour into your own living room to become the highlight of your household display.

The artwork titla is 'Twin-Abundance'.

Product Info

Dimension : D13 x H25cm 
Weight : 0.63kg