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When Your Heart Screams Art : Interview with Mandy Maung

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When Your Heart Screams Art : Interview with Mandy Maung

Mandy Maung always wanted to be an artist right from her high school days. She has evolved and continues to gravitate towards different creative outlets that do not require formula memorizations or facts, like crafts and drawing.  

However, after experimenting with various artistic mediums like sewing, graphics, and multimedia design, she taught herself how to paint with oil and trekked on towards her passion for fine art and mural paintings

Thus, her journey as an artist started evolving in earnest.

Upholding the Spirit of Not Giving Up on a Dream

Raised by her mom, mommy dearest remains to be one of Mandy’s biggest role models. Her spirit and perseverance fueled her dreams of living her dreams as an artist and made her believe that she can convey her personal messages through her art. 

She taps into her childhood memories, her experience of raising her child, and the joyful (and exceptionally difficult) journey of raising her own kid to fill her reservoir of inspiration.

For instance, a lot of her artwork is relatable and includes traditional and contemporary topics

If you share her love for traditional Penangite traditions, games, culture, and cuisine, you will find them popping out at you in one of her artwork.

Bringing Human Emotions to Life on Canvas

Everyone lives through different experiences and their journeys are often on full display on their faces and stories. Mandy pays special attention to the faces and profiles of her subjects to make them look special and proclaims to be never tired of this!

The face and body language of a person tells a story of who they are, their feelings, where they’ve been, and where they want to go.

Through that, she interprets the beautiful expressions to show both the similarities and distinctions of being human. 

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A Continuously Developing Artistic Journey

Thanks to her love for travel and her ability to find inspiration in both local and foreign cultures, she has been able to transform her own thoughts, emotions, and personal narratives into many different types of artwork. 

MaMa’s art style combines art movements and techniques to create a fusion of traditional and modern contemporary figurative realism art

With a personal preference in keeping things traditional, she also sometimes throws in some contemporary mix and current news topics. 

Like a traditional food recipe handed down from one generation to another, it is an adventure in itself to see what works today when she fuses both traditional and modern worlds. 

The expedition from blank canvas to a completed piece of artwork also helped her see through her own improvements as she kept developing each piece of artwork to make them better and more motivational. 

For the past 10 to 15 years, she’s painted everything from conventional paintings to murals, origami to contemporary art. 

The sense of adventure keeps her moving the needle forward.

Mandy Maung and her son, Roco, painting a mural
Source: MandyMaung Art Facebook

Sharing Tips for Parents During the Circuit Breaker

Mandy produces all of her work from her home studio and as a work-from-home mother, she has some great tips for parents during the current circuit breaker. 

First, establish a routine or set up a schedule where parents spend quality time with their children. It helps kids deal with boredom and anxiety during the current covid-19 outbreak.

Activities like video calling their friends, planning fun challenges, and teaching them about chores are some good ways to keep them occupied and productive in the house. 

Being a children art tutor herself, she recommends starting from small and simple art projects like making handkerchiefs, folding origami, or even scrapbooking!  

There is no need for professional art supplies. Basic coloring and writing supplies, some glue and scissors are more than enough. 

Nonetheless, to minimize the mess and stress during the cleanup, create a workspace by laying out old newspapers on the surfaces and let younger kids wear an apron or go topless. 

Forget about art rules, let children use their imagination to express themselves freely!

Watch the video below where Mandy turns her son, Roco’s, playful, rambunctious nature into a small mural!

Kids Have an Infinite Amount of Crazy to be Creative

Mandy believes that because kids have no internal filter, they’re better at expressing themselves through art. That’s why she loves working with kids!

The young generation learns problem-solving skills through art, about colors, and discover new techniques on their own (when you leave them to their own devices to enjoy that cup of coffee...or wine). They’ll be proud of their own creative endeavors and you’ll celebrate it with them.

Grownups can learn a lot from watching children create art; as we get older, our own creative compass becomes inhibited. Learn from the kids, then!

Now that we are all stuck at home, this is a good time for parents to explore their creative sides as well. Art opens up an escape route from reality for at least an hour. 

Mandy suggested Pinterest, online art museum tours, and the Arts & Culture app as some of the best sources for inspiration.

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In her line of work and as a parent, she’s met with many grownups who have expressed an interest in art - either as a collector or an artist themselves. 

With the Circuit Breaker, Mandy thinks it’s time to pick up the paint brushes again.

Don’t feel discouraged after a few failed attempts. It’s easier said than done, I know, but it’s because we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to perform and tend to make things complicated,” she shares her experience. 

She adds, “Find your motivation, drop worries and concerns at the door, and just go for it!”

We hope you share the boundless energy and enthusiasm embodied by Mandy throughout her interview with us. There’s no better time than the present to step into the artistic, creative world. Pick up a paintbrush, pencil, needle (or whatever fits your fancy), and let your imagination soar!

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