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Ways to Glam Up Your Space___________________

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Ways to Glam Up Your Space___________________

When the holidays and festivals draw near, isn’t it a thing to switch things up a little to get more light coming in and make the space to appear a little bigger? With the holidays fast approaching, it also goes hand in hand with the visits from family and friends, glamming the living room up a bit sure seems like a great idea! Now, you don’t necessarily need to go and revamp your whole living room to get the right touch of lovely in your space. Just adding a few things has to power to give you a whole new vibe!

Rugs to sit on and relax

Rugs are multi-talented really. Not only can they make the room bigger or smaller with its different types and sizes, but a great rug also provides added comfort and makes your living space a little more inviting to chill at. To make a room look brighter and spacious, use on big light-colored rug. Use rugs that have a solid color rather than a pattern, because patterns can clutter a small room.

Create A feature

Bring out the family pictures and decor pieces and make your own feature wall with mirrors and frames for a personal touch that showcases your unique style. Enlighten your space color with different elements and create your own unique style that would add a nice touch to the living room!

Use a Tray To You Coffee Table

One can’t get over the look of being organised adding on to being classy. That is something a tray does on a coffee table. Plus a tray allows you to put things like the remote control, books and a pretty object or two for a grown-up, lived-in look. How convenient?




Black & Gold X Tray $80​ (Areli Design)


Gold Leaf Long Tray $58 (Areli Design)

Add A Fresh Flower Fresh flowers can instantly lift the mood of a room; the bigger the bouquet, the more luxurious the look. That’s not to say you need a huge ostentatious display on every surface, but make sure any bouquets you display are not sparse, but rather full and lush. A big, bountiful bouquet of flowers on a coffee table adds instant class.


A piece of Vintage You don’t need to spend a fortune, just find something that looks like you might have picked it up at a Paris flea market. Large-scale accessories like lamps, mirrors, and pieces of furniture are great, but small accessories can also do the trick. Antique boxes, a statement piece that sets the tone of the space, or even antique picture frames can give your room a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it look like you spent more than you really did.

  Blue Tassel Box $95 (Areli Design)

Blue Jar Hand Painted Clover Design $55