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Sharing the Drumbeat of the Soul: Interview with Carl Hinds

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Sharing the Drumbeat of the Soul: Interview with Carl Hinds

An Interview with Carl Hinds

Have you ever experienced an epiphany when your favorite tune comes onto the airwaves and you suddenly find yourself sinking into the soft embrace of your sofa reminiscing about your childhood or a poignant moment in your life? 

For me, the song ‘How do I live’ by Leann Rimes reminds me of the moment I was told I was pregnant with my first son. The song ‘I Don’t Know Much’ by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville evokes the memory of losing a dear friend during my teenage years.

Such is the power of music.

She (Elena) also says scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. That's why she sees so much potential in music's power to change the brain and affect the way it works.” - Elena Mannes, NPR Interview

Carl Hinds, a powerhouse DJ with a string of achievements in the international music and DJing scene in the UK and Asia. He has much to share when it comes using the power of music to transport us all into another realm.

When Music Marks Your Childhood, It Stays

Coming from a Jamaican family, music was always played in the household. My father used to buy lots of vinyl records and he played them at every opportunity”, shares Hinds who calls his father the greatest musical influence of his life.

At the age of 8, he started playing music on the only turntable the family owned. This was when the world welcomed the first-ever ‘Carl Hinds radio show’. Adorable, I know.

Not only is music intoxicating to Hinds, but it was also a passion he shared with his friends and family. 

As someone who sang, performed, and entertained on stage, I share his passion for music and his belief that music is irrefutably transformative.

Fueled by Music from Another Era

carl hinds DJ in Singapore
Source: Carl Hinds

Hinds is notably reflective, nostalgic, and open about his taste in music. It reflects who he is as a person. His self discovery began when he started playing for student parties and going to nightclubs watching how professional DJs worked the decks as well as the crowds.

Many DJs are very specific about the genres they are associated with but I have always been happy to play open genre music with that retro feel.”

The South London music scene in the 1980s was very different from the ones he found in the 1990's and 2000's, and even more so now in Asia. Back then, he recounts, there was a huge pirate radio station trend that played soul music which never got the street cred they deserved.

If you were into the same scene too, you would recognize names like Gilles Peterson , Robbie Vincent, Chris Hill, Norman Jay and Pete Tong. They created massive waves in the UK clubbing scene and paved the way for modern-day DJs like Hinds.

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Otherworldly Effects of Music on the Soul

Music has a very powerful effect on human emotions and is the most ancient form of communication. It can sweep people up in waves of emotions while triggering memories. 

DJs put in the hard yards to find the right music for the right occasion. That's because music is easily associated with innate reactions. It’s cognitive.

Music triggers memory. It transports people to another time and place and that's why people have such an association when they hear a song that they know. The reaction, emotions, and feelings are often very raw and real.”

Try this: Watch a movie without its soundtrack and sound effects. 

Without the right soundtrack, you’ll likely be a little lost in the silence. The right soundtrack reinforces the story and backs the scenes up, moving audiences to laughter or tears.

The Eidetic Music Mover

To help people ruminate the retro feel and showcase his love for old-school music, Carl continues to play with vinyl records. Always with his collection of records, he works the internet crowd with his STIR CRAZY LIVE! and Sunday Soul Session events live-streamed through Mixcloud and Facebook.

Carl is a purist and who loves nothing more than the snap, crackle, and pop of vinyl. “Nothing will ever beat it,” shares Hinds passionately. Playing from vinyl gives his LIVE streaming events an enchanting feel.

With these weekly events to look forward to, Hinds uses his knowledge and expertise in DJing to share his love for music to boost morale, create a sense of community, and keep like-minded people connected, especially during the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic.

The smooth feel of his DJing comes from his wealth of experience in helping create and shape part of the music scene in Malaysia and Singapore with his Soul, Funk, and Disco series ‘STOMP’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’  alongside an international array of top DJs.

These events pivoted and cemented his career in Asia and he has become a much sought-after DJ.

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Getting on the High of STIR CRAZY LIVE!

Carl Hinds has been amazed by the response he has received for his STIR CRAZY LIVE! and Sunday Soul Session live streaming events. He was overwhelmed by the kind of support, engagement, and response he received from people from all around the world.

This is especially crucial when we are all trying to fight off somber news every day. These live stream events give people something to look forward to every week and as a recent viewer from Scotland put it 'The best thing about this lockdown was discovering DJ Carl Hinds and his infectious repertoire!'

Hinds is an authentic, genuine and original DJ and these are hard to come by. 

Carl plays to the crowd and curates unforgettable experiences that uplift and entertain diverse groups, seamlessly blending together different genres of music. Carl’s number one goal is to bring joyous energy to events.

Spellbinding Internet Music Alchemy

Having been a part of his live streaming events on Facebook, it caught me by surprise.

He is capable of bridging the divide between people who love old-school music and the modish generation of Spotify-streamers.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll fall in love with his distinct style of playing music over the internet airwaves which features an eclectic selection of music. You'll love the ease with which he shares the power of music with the people who have tuned in.

"As a very young child, I experienced who I was through sound. I felt whole." - Irene Gubrud, Opera Singer

Let Loose, Relax, and Groove On

Carl Hinds working the crowd during an event
Credit: Christoph Theisinger

If you wish to have a taste of how Carl Hinds rocked the crowd with his brand of musical genius at some of Asia’s most prestigious events like the Iskandar Puteri Jazz Festival in Southern Malaysia, or how he won over 25,000 spectators at the Crystal Palace Football ground in London, catch him LIVE during his events: STIR CRAZY LIVE! and SUNDAY SOUL SESSIONS on Mixcloud and Facebook.


We would like to thank Carl Hinds for participating in this interview. Check out his FB LIVE event and website for more info!

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