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Creative Celebrations for Mother's Day During Covid-19

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Creative Celebrations for Mother's Day During Covid-19

Just because we’re under lockdown during the Circuit Breaker doesn’t mean that we should forego celebrating Mother’s Day this year. There's no need to rattle your brain cage to figure out how to show you're thinking of her. 

We've come up with a list of ways you can show the Mother Figures in your life, be it your mom, aunt, grandmother, nanny, or someone else, your love and gratitude. 

It will look and feel somewhat different this year but we are sure the effort will be appreciated. 

Honoring the people who have contributed to your childhood and livelihood should not take a backseat. As long as it comes from the heart, the gestures, no matter how small or from a distance, will be felt. 

So, let's get the reel rolling. Here are some fun, creative ways to show your mother your heartfelt love and appreciation.

1. Prepping Mom a Special Mother’s Day Meal

Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe - VickyPham
Source: VickyPham

If you live with your mom, prepare a special breakfast, brunch, or dinner for her, complete with her favorite food (waffles and pancake, maybe?) for her on this special day. If she loves Japanese food, start looking around for recipes for her favorite cuisine now!  

Even pantry meals (because we’re not at liberty to freely trawl the mall right now) will be appreciated. In fact, it will be all that much more special!

Emergency meals can sometimes be turned into simplified but delicious improvisations. Skip the garnishes and specialty ingredients if you don’t have them at hand. 

Try recipes for minestrone soup, tortellini soup, apple crumble, or local Singaporean delights which she may not have had the chance to enjoy. It’s time to beckon your inner chef. Plus, this could be fun for the whole family.

If your mom’s not living with you, worry not. There’s still much you can do. 

For one, order her a bunch of pretty flowers and have them delivered to her home as a surprise. You can also use food delivery apps like Deliveroo, GrabFood, FoodPanda, Eatigo, or Burpple to get her her favorite dishes. 

If you remember your mom’s recipes for the dishes she used to make for you when you were young, make them now for your own family on Mother’s Day. Prepare the food for your own family, snap a picture, or record a video of your family enjoying her recipe and make her proud! It’ll put a smile on her face, for sure. 

Give these popular recipes a shot if you’re game for it. 

2. Get Crafty with your Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The Painter’s Hope by MĀMA on ClubArtisans

Everyone’s locked up at home and the kids have nothing to do. Lug out the spare aprons, towels, rags, or second-hand t-shirts, and let’s get our hands dirty with some art and crafts. Some of the ideas are so simple that most of them are borrowed from schools and amateur art enthusiasts. 

By getting the kids involved, it adds that something special to the gift and we are sure she will treasure it for a long time to come. Art can be appreciated by everyone; you don't have to be a dilettante to appreciate unique artwork.

Some ideas include hand and footprints (especially when you have babies and toddlers in the family) on a large canvas with especially hand-written messages on them for your mom. You can make something simple like noodle necklaces (don’t forget to take a picture of it with her), doodles from your kids, an earnest, heart-felt painting from you, painted flower pots, or a simple hand-made card made with just marker pens or color pencils on construction paper. 

Remember, the rawer it is, the more precious the gift.

3. Music and Video Compilation

Remember the days when we used to compile a list of music and set them all into what we call a mixtape and present them to our loved ones, usually our new romantic partners? 

Well, we can do the same in this modern day and age for our moms!

There are apps we can download to our computers, tablets, or smartphones to make this happen. You can even create a video compilation of all your favorite moments with your mom (and the whole family) for her. 

I remember sending my mom a playlist of her favorite songs during her birthday and she couldn’t stop playing it for months on end, especially since she isn't the most tech-savvy mom in the world.

4. Get Her Special Gifts Online

featured products on
Start shopping for gifts from ClubArtisans today!

It’s not too late! There’s still time to get her a gift from her favorite online stores, or a reputable one like ClubArtisans, to make Mother’s Day extra special. 

Some good ideas include skincare products, a comfy pair of pajamas, crocheting supplies, gardening tools, scented candles, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers to show her you love her. 

At this point in time, when you’re ordering online, be sure to check the country of origin

Ordering products from outside of Singapore or Malaysia may take weeks to arrive due to the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker. When you order the gifts from ClubArtisans, we’ll do our best to ensure they arrive on time for Mother’s Day!

5. Organize a Group Virtual Gathering

Thanks to technology, you can use tools like Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype,, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Hangout for group virtual gatherings. 

If you’re playing host to the virtual meet-up, contact all your family and friends who would like to participate, help them download the apps or software to their computers or smartphone ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last minute! Before the virtual gathering, send them a reminder. In fact, send them a few!

As the host, you’ll be the moderator. Put together a plan on what to talk about, steer the conversation, organize a singing party, share jokes, and time it so that it doesn’t take a toll on your mother and others. 

If your mom is a social butterfly, share them on social media like Facebook so that all the likes and comments will put a smile on your mother’s face! Talking about putting a cherry on top, eh?

6. Give her a Coupon

Many online services and eCommerce websites like ClubArtisans offer gift cards and coupons! Send her one and let her spend on stuff she likes instead of buying something she might not! Get a gift card or coupon from a company/website selling stuff that you KNOW she likes. 

You can get her a pottery class from Potters’ Guilt, or gift cards from Giftano, or GrabFood. The good thing about getting her a gift card is that she gets to choose what to purchase and when to use them. 

Better yet, let her put her feet up and relax during Mother’s Day by sending help over to her place, especially a team of cleaners!

7. Put on a Show for Mom

After putting a skit, dramatic video presentation, dance routine, or music video together with other family members, edit it and surprise your mom with it on Mother’s Day! 

To the giant supporter of your family, it’s always the thought that counts

Pile your family into the car, drive up to where she lives, stay at a respectable distance from the home of at least 6 feet, and put on your performance for her. This might even get her to dance or clap along with you.


Whichever way you choose to show your mom your love and gratitude, we’re sure she’s going to love it when you’ve put so much effort into it despite the challenging situation we’re all facing right now. 

All she wants, after all, is to know that you’re happy, healthy, and doing your best!

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